Wednesday, July 10, 2013

News for the program

Due to the recent changes in field activity we have had good days at planting sites due to their locations on the beach with an occasional breeze blowing, keeping us relatively comfortable in the current weather conditions.

Tomorrow on July 11 we will be having an event with 50 first-sixth graders Center for Child Development's summer camp group. The event includes a tour of the Lagoon House and re-potting red mangroves in order to put burlap into the pots. Burlap helps to keep the root ball stabilized after planting, is biodegradable and mangroves planted with burlap are 31 times more likely to survive. The potting events are held here at the Lagoon House and the planting days are currently at Paul's Island. Any age is appropriate for the potting events and for the planting events we can take from the ages of thirteen and up.

We will soon be having a butterfly garden being created and managed by our caretaker down at our Greenway property in Vero Beach. We are still deciding on which plants to get. Any suggestions or donations for a butterfly garden would be extremely helpful. For any suggestions on plants, tricks on gardening, or any advice from personal experience please contact our caretaker at, and for donations please go to our website at and go to "How to Help" at the top of the page.